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  • Harvesting Advice

    Harvesting Your Forest in the next few years?

    Over the next  5-10 years thousands of hectares of privately owned forests will be harvested in Nelson/Marlborough. These forests were planted in the 'golden era' of forestry in the mid 1990's, when national planting rates reached an all-time high. Cheap land and high export log prices fuelled this boom.

    Many of these forests were planted by 'Mum and Dad' type investors either on family farms, or as part of a syndicate or partnership. For many the harvesting of their forest will be a once in a lifetime event with the expectation it will provide a generous retirement 'nest egg'.

    Factors that will determine your returns  are:

    1. Log prices
    2. Timing of harvest
    3. Harvest and roading costs
    4. Log Value Recovery
    5. Exposure to Health & Safety and Environmental risks
    6. Harvest Manager performance
    Traditionally most harvesting of private forests is carried out by Harvest Managers.

    Small decisions can have a big impact on your net return. 

    ForestStat provides a service to assist the forest owner through the harvesting process and is totally independent of any harvest manager.