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  • Forest Consulting

    Forest Valuations:

    From time to time you may require a forest valuation.

    They are needed for….

    1. Insurance values and claims
    2. Property /relationship/estate settlements
    3. Sale/review of stumpage offers
    4. Due diligence for purchase
    5. Determining security interest eg bank loans
    6. Annual accounts
    7. Public works compensation
    8. Transfer to a new financial entity
    9. IRD tax assessments and claims for 'cost of bush' accounts
    10. Making decisions about possible harvesting
    11. All my valuations comply with the Standards set by the NZ Institute of Forestry
    • Other Consulting services:
    1. forest insurance
    2. GIS mapping
    3. inventory
    4. estate modelling
    5. operational auditing
    6. setting up joint ventures/forestry rights
    7. Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) applications and returns
    8. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) applications and auditing
    9. NES harvesting and earthworks plans and maps